Toon Learning Center was developed by Dr. Allen and Toon-Ed as an interactive and hands-on display to learn how to read and create a toon. The student may also expand their 3 panel toon to create a graphic novel. Preparatory work is done by dissecting a graphic novel and an animation short and equiped with that basic understanding the student will develop a story plot.
Toon Ed has Toon information, hands-on activities, and tips from a toon professional. Chris Browne gives us toon tips and demonstrates the process he uses when he draws his character Hagar the Horrible. Chris also gives the video introduction to Toon Ed.
A very popular exercise is the cartoon creator using cut outs to create a 3 panel toon.
With the toon time-line students recognize their favorite toon and also learn about the history of tooning starting from the cave art at the Lascaux caves in France.
Students of all ages can have fun drawing characters, props, and scenery with the toon light table.